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You are looking at a stunning Calcite specimen from Mexico. High lustrous and gemmy white colored Calcite crystals are formed on a crusty Limonite base. The crystals are really wonderful, shaped lovely and they just shine at you, larger on the top and smaller on the bottom. Energetically it is a great helper to relieves stress within an instant, creating a wonderful safe and protective space around you that reminds of the everlasting tranquility of the Angelic realms. Wonderful, even looks better in person than on the pictures.

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Additional Information

Size: 4 cm high x 8,5 cm wide x 6,5 cm deep
Weight: 168 grams

Calcite is a strong energy amplifier and cleanser. Within a room it removes negative energies from the area and increases the energy level. Inside the body it removes stagnating energies. Calcite is an active crystal that accelerates development and growth. A spiritual stone that is connected with higher consciousness that creates the conditions for higher and occult abilities.
Psychologically it connects the emotions with the intellect, and creates emotional intelligence. It has a positive effect on those who don’t have any hope or motivation left. It fights laziness and helps to be more active on all levels.
Mentally it calms the mind and strengthens the memory. It helps to put words and ideas into actions.
Enlightens emotional stress and replaces it with serenity. This stabilizing stone increases self trust and the ability to process setbacks and misfortune.