Bladed Rhodonite
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Bladed Rhodonite

This delicate yet delightful bladed Rhodonite Crystal from Peru, is just wonderful. A elegant crystal, with a nice pink color and wonderful blades of Rhodonite that are spreading out randomly.
A wonderful being, with a strong fast working energy. When holding her I felt my self-confidence being build up, and I felt rapid energies from my mind being integrated with the physical energy. I think this would be a great addition to any altar, and it could bring a great balance within the house as well. As well as opening the heart and work with you personally. Delicate, a little bit fragile, but wonderful elegant specimen.

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Additional Information

Size: 3,8 high cm x 5 cm wide x 4,5 cm deep
Weight: 61,6 grams

Rhodonite stabilizes emotions, encourages to have brotherly emotions between humans and feeds love. It can show you both sides of a certain question. It stimulates, cleanses and activates the heart chakra. It earths energies and brings balance within the inner Yin and Yang energy. Rhodonite heals emotional wounds and scars, and has a strong resonance with forgiveness and encourages atonement and reconciliation. It helps to pull back projections that are sent out, trying to make someone else responsible for something that is actually inside of you.
It helps to stop emotional shocks and panics and gives supporting energy to the soul. It helps whit emotional self-destructive behavior. It is also an excellent stone to use for past-life healing, especially to work on theme’s as betrayal and neglect. Use Rhodonite to skim of insults and to prevent vengeance. It balances the energies of the body and the mind, and integrates them. Helps to build self-confidence and brings an end to confusion.