Rubelite Skull
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Rubelite Skull

Here is a nice looking Rubelite Skull. Rubelite skulls aren't created that often because of the fact that is hard to get in large sizes, and it is a difficult stone to carve. Nonetheless, the Brazilian carved who created this being has managed to do so, and did a great job doing so. Although the eyes aren't carved that deep, it is still easy to make contact through the eyes, and have the Rubelite's energies flowing into your body. A wonderful being that radiates a nice heart healing energy.


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Additional Information

Rubelite, a form of Tourmaline mostly red, which is mostly carried by a carrier crystal like quartz and colored red to pink. These skulls are made with a very dark purple toned Tourmaline, which is rare to find in these large amounts to create skulls from.
Purple Tourmaline stimulates healing of the Heart, and promotes a consciousness of love. It connects the Base and the Heart Chakra’s, strengthens devotion and ideals of love, and stimulates creativity and intuition. It unblocks the Third Eye Chakra, stimulates the pineal body and expels illusions. A useful stone to heal past lives, because it takes you back to the core of a problem and resolves it.
Enlightens depressions and expels compulsive thoughts. Makes on less sensitive to toxic matters and enlightens Alzheimer decease, epilepsies and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Rubelite or red Tourmaline increases the ability to understand love, promotes tact, flexibility and social behavior. It tempers extreme aggression or passivity.
It heals the Sacrum Chakra, gives it energy and enlarges creativity on all levels. Its color brings perseverance. The color red brings vitality to the physical body and removes toxics. It is a good stone for the Heart, the digestive tract, the blood vessels and the genitalia. Besides that it stimulates the blood circulation, spleen and liver, and it restores the veins.