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You are looking at a great specimen of Roselite crystals, that are set on a Dolomite base rock. The Roselite species are not known for forming in large crystals, so with the largest crystal on this rock being 0,9 cm, they are considered large formed crystals. Its colors are wonderful. Dark and intensely purple to magenta. Energetically this specimen is just as wonderful as it looks. It opens the Higher Heart Chakra, creating a spiral from the Heart up to other dimensions, in order the attract the higher love vibrations. A wonderful piece to place within a grid at your home as well, in order to raise the vibrations of unconditional love within your home.

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Additional Information

Weight: 15,5 grams
Size: 3,3 cm high x 2,5 cm wide x 2 cm deep

Roselite is a rare mineral, that is found in only a few places. These stunning specimens are from the Bou Azzer region Morocco. Which has produced the finest Roselite minerals in the richest colors we can imagine.
This mineral is contains high doses of Cobalt, and traces of Manganese. It is a useful stone to open the Higher Heart and Heart Seed Chakra’s. It will remove energetic blockages from the physical and emotional bodies. Meditate with it to attract unconditional love. Great crystals to add to a grid, or place on your Altar. Roselite isn’t known to grow in large forms, instead they grown in small sizes, and the Roselite crystals from Morocco are known to have grown the larger crystals, which are still small.