Rose Quartz Skull
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Rose Quartz Skull

Heavenly medium sized Rose Quartz Skull made out of the finest quality Rose Quartz, which almost looks like Lavender Quartz. Very clear, with some rainbows inside as well. Carved by hand in Brazil by Joao. It says it is ready to spread love, bring harmony and inner balance. And on the other hand he can be a bit cheeky when he is being spoken to. Very nice skull that deserves a nice place to stay and to spread his energy. And he likes to go out into the woods.


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Additional Information

Size: 5,5cm High x 4,3cm Wide x 6,5cm Long - Weight: 228 grams

Besides regular Quartz, Rose Quartz is a very common stone type as well. But it is needed because it is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. As known it is the stone to use on the hearth chakra, to teach the through essence of love and how to love yourself. It is calming, eases the mind and is a perfect helper when someone is traumatized.
Rose Quartz clears negative energy by replacing it with the vibration of love. It strengthens empathic thoughts and sensitivity, so you can accept the changes in your life that are necessary. It frees emotions and sorrow that are hold back for a long time. It opens the hearth to receive love, even when someone never received it in life before.