Smoky Elestial Rose Quartz
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Smoky Elestial Rose Quartz

We are pleased to offer this lovely piece of Smoky Elestial Rose Quartz from Brazil. It fits right into the palm of the hand, and while holding this crystal it creates a warm and comfortable blanket of love telling you that it is safe to let go of your heartaches and older memories of rejection and abandonment. This really can be a true friend to transform personal and deep memories, while being surrounded by the higher love of this crystal.


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Additional Information

Size: 1,5cm High x 2,6cm Wide x 4,5cm Long
Weight: 21 grams

Elestial Rose Quartz and Rose Crystals are unique and special healers of the heart, which are tuned on the Pink Flame of unconditional and compassionate love. It clears the effect of karmic heartache, removes emotional ballast and teaches you how to love and cherish again. It takes you to the Universal Heart and remembers you that everything is love and love only. Within the frequencies of love there is no guilt, no karma, no imperative of the soul or imbalance.
Combined with Smoky Quartz it earths Universal love and raises awareness and consciousness. It heals abandonment and rejection, and it will teach you that you are always in touch with the Divine within yourself.

Smoky Rose Quartz is a rare stone type that is only found in the south of Africa and the south of America. This stone takes about 1.000.000 years longer to manifest itself than the regular Rose Quartz gemstone.
These crystals are extremely useful to cleans the heart and higher heart chakra’s and to align them with Mother Earth. It keeps your environment pure and clean. The Smoky parts in these crystals pulls negative energy out of the environment or your body and transforms it. It creates a protective shield and the Rose parts will fill the space inside the shield with pure unconditional love. This is the perfect piece to place on your altar.
The Smoky part activates a Cosmic anchor to ground and anchor your energy deep in the centre of the Earth, while staying in touch with the centre of your own heart.
The Rose part aligns it with the galactic centre, and creates a solid energy within your inner core from where you can react on changes and earth shifts.
It dissolves grudge and fills your heart with unconditional love, it creates a protective shield to encourage the healing process. Smoky Rose quartz cleanses and heals heartaches, and makes you accessible for intimacy.