Rose Elestials

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  • Elestial Rose Quartz

    Elestial Rose Quartz

    This is a lovely Elestial Rose Quartz cluster with the slightest hint of Smoky Quartz at the tip of some of its points. It connest the heart chakra with the Universal Heart, so it can be recharged with unconditional love. This crystal lets you loosen up, relax and just be. It probably will have some more to share with you as well.


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  • Smoky Rose Elestial

    Smoky Rose Elestial

    Wow, this Smoky Rose Elestial Quartz from Brazil is a true beauty. The nice thing is it stands, so you can place on the table on front of you and let it work from a small distance. Or place it on your altar to let it spread its love. When you read the full definition about the benefits of these crystals you can get a glimpse of what it can do. This particular one does it all, within a split second. Relieves stress and heartaches, sets up a protective shield around you and fills it with unconditional love.


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  • Rose Elestial with Mica

    Rose Elestial with Mica

    You are looking at a great piece of Elestial Rose Quartz with Mica on the outside, very pretty indeed. It comes from Brazil, and it has two parts actually. The bottom is quartz with small hints of Smoky, and the upper parts consist of many small crystallized pink points. Now when it comes to the energy this crystal is just marvelous. The rose parts are directing the energy at the heart chakra. The mica that is on the outside seem to give an extra strong vibration to it. Making it feel like that the crystal and its energy is really pulsating on the heart very strongly.

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  • Elestial Rose Quartz

    Elestial Rose Quartz

    This is a real sweet Elestial Rose Quartz from Brazil, nice clear and pink. And it has such a lovely energy. It sends its energy to the higher heart chakra and activates and nourishes it. It has such a lovely and comfortable feeling, that it reminds you that everybody deserves these frequencies.

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  • Smoky Elestial Rose Quartz

    Smoky Elestial Rose Quartz

    We are pleased to offer this lovely piece of Smoky Elestial Rose Quartz from Brazil. It fits right into the palm of the hand, and while holding this crystal it creates a warm and comfortable blanket of love telling you that it is safe to let go of your heartaches and older memories of rejection and abandonment. This really can be a true friend to transform personal and deep memories, while being surrounded by the higher love of this crystal.


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