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This is just a wonderful and delicate Rhodochrosite specimen from Bulgaria. It has a lovely pale pink color, but still bright. It is decorated with Sphalerite, a bit of Galena here and there, and then very tiny minuscule but well formed Quartz crystals. So small you can barely see them with the naked eye. And even 1 tiny Pyrite dot as well. Wonderful, really amazing.
Energetically it combines all the minerals, but ff course the Rhodochrosite is most present with its Heartwarming and Heart soothing vibrations, Quartz adds a bit of cleansing as well. Great mineral specimen that will brighten up your Altar.

€ 55,00

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Additional Information

Size: 5 cm wide x 3,4 cm deep x 2,8 cm high
Weight: 39 grams

Rhodochrosite stands for unselfish love and compassion. It expands the awareness and integrates the spiritual with the material. It cleanses and the Solar Plexus and base chakra’s.
It is a very useful heart stone and can help relationships that are out of balance. Rhodochrosite also helps teaches the heart to accept painful feelings without shutting.
It helps to recognize suppressed emotions and helps them to gently release them.
Rhodochrosite helps to see self developed patterns and shows the intention behind some experiences. It confronts you with the truth about yourself and others, without any excuse or evasion, but with loving attention.
This crystal helps to have an vibrant spirit, encourage a positive attitude and stimulates creativity.
It increases self-confidence and reduces emotional stress. Rhodochrosite also connects you with the higher self in order to gather and integrate new information. It encourage spontaneous self expression about emotions, also the passionate and erotic feelings. It improves depressive moods and enlightens life.
Sphalerite occurs in yellow, light to dark brown, black, red-brown, colourless, light blue. It is also known as Blende or Zinc Blende, and is the major ore of zinc. Sphalerite is a mineral of strength, vitality and grounding. It is used to balance and ground the higher chakras with the lower chakra energies. Sphalerite enhances perceptions to determine the truth about a problem, insights, or the right path to success. It aids in sexual energy and creative pursuits.