Epidote in Quartz
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Epidote in Quartz

This is nice and cute looking piece of red colored Epidote in Quartz, from Brazil. This clear quartz has 7 red Epidotes included. Although it is a small crystal, its energetic effects are very strong! Epidote has the ability to withdraw negative energies from the body, and that can be felt very strongly when holding this little wonderful crystal. So it is useful to use another crystal like sulfur or citrine afterwards. Besides that this crystal is able to centre you in your Sacral Chakra.
These crystals are rare, since red colored Epidote isn’t found easily. IT also has yellow inclusions which can be either Limonite or Hematite. Crystal better in person than the impression the pictures are giving.


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Additional Information

Size: 2,6 cm high x 1,9 cm wide x 1,4 cm deep
Weight: 9,3 grams

Epidote amplifies spiritual atunement, and ends resistance against spiritual awakening. Not everyone has the best reaction to this stone, since it can give the opposite effect. It can increase the effects and bring feelings, emotions and thoughts towards the surface, that are only transformed with long efforts. Epidote strengthens observation. It gives the courage to enjoy life to the fullest, and to achieve your dreams. It gives strength the identity and amplifies personal strengths.
Epidote is a perfect stone for those who can easily feel being a victim or a martyr. It dispels self-criticism and helps you to objectively look at your and others strong and weaker abilities.
It helps to set realistic goals, and frees from irrational expectations and disappointments that come from planting seeds form emotions instead of your true self.
Epidote reduces stress, self-pity, anxiety and such, and cleanses the emotional body of sorrow and old emotional trauma. It keeps you centered in any situation.
The detoxing effect can cause large amounts of negative energy being released from the physical body and the refined light bodies. So it is wise to use a crystal like sulfur or citrine after using Epidote, to neutralize the energies that has been released.