Quartz with Epidote

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  • Epidote in Quartz

    Epidote in Quartz

    You are looking at an amazingly wonderful piece of Smoky Quartz with a Red Epidote crystal inclusion, and this is RARE!
    The facets of this Epidote in Quartz are polished, the rest of this crystal is untouched.
    Great energetic vibrations from this crystal, it will centre you in the sacral chakra, and will align and activate all chakra’s up to the higher self.
    This type of combination is quite rare and the quality of the Smoky quartz crystal is great, totally clear and with a touch of phantom clouds as well. You can see a bit of white material on one of the facets that is lapidary material leftover from the polishing process.. This is a wonderful piece to just fall in love with.


    € 30,00

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