Pyrite Skull
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Pyrite Skull

A very nicely carved and cool looking Pyrite Skull, carved by hand by an Indonesian Master carver, who has carved this skull from a rough piece of Pyrite I have sent over myself.
It has many details that are stunning, the eye’s, the teeth and the nose for instance. A few small damages on the nose and one of its eyebrows are actually giving at a more rougher look on an aesthetic level.
The energy is marvelous, loving, caring protecting and nurturing. Wise as well, and a lot of knowledge to share. Amazing skull!


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Additional Information

Size: 2,7 cm high x 2,1 cm wide x 2,6 cm deep
Weight: 38,5 grams

Pyrite or Iron pyrite is a very strong and beneficial stone, creating a strong energy shield . It blocks negative energy en polluting substances on all levels, including infectious deceases. It is a positive stone that fights matt feelings of inability. It makes the use of capabilities and potential easier and stimulates the flow of ideas. Place a piece on your desk to give energy to your environment and to promote the planning of bigger business projects. Psychological it eases fears and frustration and enlarges your self-esteem.
Physically it gives more energy and overcomes tiredness. It seals leaking energy from the physical body and aura.