Chalcopyrite Skull
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Chalcopyrite Skull

This Chalcopyrite Skull is just the best when it comes to realistic and great carvings. The jaws, cheekbones, teeth and eyes have been carved with such an eye for detail. This is done by a Balinese master carver. This Pyrite Skull, or Chalcopyrite Skull has a lovely yellow golden color, and a strong vibration. It also has a very strong grounding energy, and activates the base chakra and grounding chord within seconds. Great skull to use after long working days and works great with Fluorite.


€ 125,00

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Additional Information

Size: 1,8 cm high x 1,5 cm wide x 2,2 cm deep
Weight: 12,2 grams

Pyrite or Iron pyrite is a very strong and beneficial stone, creating a strong energy shield . It blocks negative energy en polluting substances on all levels, including infectious deceases. It is a positive stone that fights matt feelings of inability. It makes the use of capabilities and potential easier and stimulates the flow of ideas. Place a piece on your desk to give energy to your environment and to promote the planning of bigger business projects. Psychological it eases fears and frustration and enlarges your self-esteem.
Physically it gives more energy and overcomes tiredness. It seals leaking energy from the physical body and aura.