Preseli Bluestone Skull
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Preseli Bluestone Skull

This is another great Preseli Bluestone Skull, with a great carving style and made from a very good quality. It’s energy is uplifting and funny and it made me smile right away when I first picked him up.
Asking it what its purpose is, it replied “Well first of all I am here to help one love itself again, and second to bring some grounding and earthy connections” in a very lighthearted way. A very nice and cool skull to have around and to help you bring yourself back on the ground again for a longer period of time.

€ 122,00

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Additional Information

Size: 3,7 cm high x 3,7 cm wide x 5 cm deep
Weight: 107 grams

Preseli Bluestone is actually the same material where they have formed the Stonehenge’s in Great Britain from. This stone is that versatile and powerful that it is wise to keep it out of the bedroom, to avoid overstimulation of spiritual energies.
Emotionally this stone is a stabilizer who helps to let go of old memories to help you live in the present. Mentally it strengthens willpower and courage. It is an amplifier of energy that brings protection on all levels. It connects the heart with the throat to assist you in speaking out your truth. It cleanses the mind from all that is not necessary within the moment.
Spiritually it opens a cosmic anchor and attaches it to the centre of the Earth. Making it possible to travel multi dimensions. It creates energetic virtue to keep you stable within the changing energies on Earth. It brings aligns your energies with the Galactic Centre, and by doing so it makes it possible to let the energetic waves flow through the body.
It connects you with the energies of Merlin, and connects you with the shaman in everybody.
It also helps to visualize past lives, and gathers Celtic and Egyptian information. Taking this stone into nature it makes you one with nature itself and helps you in being aware of everything that has happened within that place.