Pink Topaz
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Pink Topaz

You are looking at a small, but high quality and vibrating peachy colored Pink Topaz from Afghanistan. It is graded A, and is pure natural. This crystal sends out sweet and tender vibrations, wrapping your body with a gracious energy, and activating the heart chakra. Colors on the pictures may vary from the original crystal.

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Additional Information

Size: 1,3cm high x 1cm wide x 1,1cm deep
Weight: 2,7 grams

Pink Topaz concentrates its energy on the heart and is able to active higher heart chakra.
It is stone type that brings hope. It slowly removes old disease patterns, dissolves resistance and opens the road towards a healthy live. This stone is able to show the face of the divine.
Topaz is mild and empathic crystal that sends its energy to the area or chakra that it is most needed. It soothes, heals, recharges, stimulates, brings new motivation and aligns the meridians of the body.
It promotes truth and forgiving. It ends doubt and insecurity.
This crystal can bring joy and generosity. It empowers affirmations, manifestations and visualizations.
It brings relaxation and releases tensions on any level. Topaz promotes self-confidence, honesty, self-realization, self-control and the urge to explore inner wisdom.
Pink Topaz is one of rarer variations. Is soothes the heart chakra’s, brings female wisdom, and encourages you to use the heart and the vibration of love as a tool of wisdom and a way of living.