Orange Phantom Quartz
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Orange Phantom Quartz

Yellow and Orange Phantom Quartz shaped in a pillar. Ther phantoms inside are Limonite and Hematite, which makes it look orange. Fast vibrating like the light of the sun and it is a crystal that will make you happy and feel bright again.


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Additional Information

Size: 5,5cm (high) x 2cm (wide) x 2cm (long)
Weight: 35 gram

Orange Phantoms, with inclusions of Carneol, gives powerfull energy and rejuvenates. It activates the soma, fore head, heart and sacrum chakra’s to activate more creativity. Orange Phantoms give guidance to overcome addictions, it ends the search for more and more and helps to concentrate on healing.
Yellow Phantom is a intellectual stone who helps as a connection with the higher spirit, to remember and reorganize memories and thought patterns. The inclusion is from limonite which stimulates intellectual activities. The Phantom removes mental attachments or influences form this or past lives. It connects forehead, crown, past life and soma charka’s to see the emotional and psychological effects from past memories and the reason why your soul needed these experiences.