Quartz with Chlorite
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Quartz with Chlorite

You are looking at a lovely piece of Quartz with Chlorite inclusions, from Brazil. Most crystals I have seen had Chlorite Phantoms, however this is not really a phantom, it look more like an inclusion of Chlorite, with some Lodolite on it. It is a very nice piece, with a great size to hold during meditations. It has some rainbows inside, and some milky phantom like clouds. When holding this stone it feels like it aligns all the Chakra’s.

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Additional Information

Size: 7,5 cm high x 4 cm wide x 5 cm deep
Weight: 258 grams

A Phantom symbolizes the many lives of the soul. It makes it possible to get more wider spiritual consciousness. It takes you on a multidimensional and inner travel and reveals your spiritual heart. Karmic it can help you to access the Akashic Records. It makes it possible to visit the state between two lives to discover your soul plan.
Phantom Quartz also makes you embraces you with your shadow side again to reveal the qualities it beholds. Physically it helps the healing capabilities of the body by improving the ethereal blueprint.
Chlorite works on the earth, base, soma, hearth and forehead chakra’s to ground you and to protect you with an occult shield. This Phantom with chlorite inclusions quickly absorbs negative energy and toxics and also clears negative energy from the body or the space around. This stone helps with moving energetic implants and gives access to its source, even when the source of the implants is in a past life.