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  • Madagascar Smoky

    Madagascar Smoky

    This is such a lovely piece of Smoky Quartz from Madagascar. The energy is really sweet, but it also grounds the ethereal body soft and smoothly. It has some beautiful phantom layers, rainbows and hematite speckles included. A very nice crystal that will keep you happy for a long time.

    Size: 4,5 cm (high) x 2cm (wide) x 2,5cm (long)
    Weight: 46 gram

    € 14,00

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  • Quartz with Chlorite

    Quartz with Chlorite

    You are looking at a lovely piece of Quartz with Chlorite inclusions, from Brazil. Most crystals I have seen had Chlorite Phantoms, however this is not really a phantom, it look more like an inclusion of Chlorite, with some Lodolite on it. It is a very nice piece, with a great size to hold during meditations. It has some rainbows inside, and some milky phantom like clouds. When holding this stone it feels like it aligns all the Chakra’s.

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  • Phantom Quartz

    Phantom Quartz

    This is a very unique piece of Phantom Quartz.  It has many phantom layers, and they are all shaped in the form of pyramids. Having a closer look you can see two of them are shaped in almost the exact same shape as the crystal itself. There is also tiny spots of chlorite on the indise.
    When it comes to the energy, it is amazing! Looking inside the crystal the only thing you will see is pyramids, taking you to dimensions of the pyramid, whether they are linked to the old atmosphere of Egypt or other places in our cosmos where there is a strong pyramid energy. When holding it, it placed an pyramid around and inside. So if you are willing to be experiencing more of the pyramid energy, this is your crystal. At the bottom of the crystal there is a small rainbow, right in the middle of the pyramid shaped phantom. The dots you see on the picture are on the inside of the crystal.

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  • Pink Phantom Quartz

    Pink Phantom Quartz

    This one is just lovely. Small piece of Phantom Quartz with a touch of salmon pink coloration. The energy feels lovely as well and probably resonates with the color it has inside, sweet and calm and has more than enough to share with you.

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  • Chlorite Phantom Quartz

    Chlorite Phantom Quartz

    Another amazing Chlorite Phantom Quartz from Brazil, that has some Chlorite and Lodolite inclusions, and is filled with angel feathers and rainbows. The phantom is spread over 3 sides of the crystal and there are beautiful misty clouds on the lower side of the crystal. Powerfull energy as well.


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  • Orange Phantom Quartz

    Orange Phantom Quartz

    Yellow and Orange Phantom Quartz shaped in a pillar. Ther phantoms inside are Limonite and Hematite, which makes it look orange. Fast vibrating like the light of the sun and it is a crystal that will make you happy and feel bright again.


    € 25,00

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  • Green Chlorite Phantom

    Green Chlorite Phantom

    An amazing big piece of Green Chlorite Phantom quartz. There are a lot of pyramid layers inside. The energy it beholds is fantastic. Maybe it resonates directly to the Egyptian period…. It is a fast and high vibrating piece that is for sure. There is a little dent on the bottom, probably created when mining the stone, but it should not be disturbing.

    € 145,00

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  • Small Phantom Quartz

    Small Phantom Quartz

    Pocketsize Phantom Quartz a bit milky and a touch of grey coloration inside. There is a dent that was probably caused during mining the stone. If you need some extra pictures of information about it, just contact us.

    € 7,00

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