Nuummite Skull with Garnet
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Nuummite Skull with Garnet

You are looking at a rare Nuummite Skull with Garnet and Quartz inclusions. Carved in a neatly and ancient style. This mineral was found just outside of the Nuummite mines in Greenland and is a very rare find, so to have these in skulls is twice as special.
This big little being has a strong yet gentle grounding energy, protects and helps you with inner healing. You will have to search a bit for the typical Nuummite flashes, the view this being has are mainly located on the top of its head and have a golden shine. It also has a bit of Quartz included which enhances the healing abilities of the other minerals.


€ 75,00

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Additional Information

Size: 3,2 cm high x 2,6 cm wide x 4 cm deep
Weight: 64,2 grams

Nuummite is a protective stone, that protects against occult manipulation. It could be used to retract negative implants and negative energies.
Spiritually Nuummite helps to turn the vision back inwards, and strengthens the auric shield, which is the outer edges of the aura. It helps to travel unnoted through other dimensions, and therefore it makes it the perfect stone to use when traveling outside of the body.
The magical aspect of Nuummite should be approached with respect and a pure intention, or else it can turn against. It opens and activates the past life and the soma chakra and can create a deep movement within the consciousness. It can retract karmic waste and toxics from both the physical as well as the energetic body. It has the ability to reprogram cellular memories and move blockages even when they are self-imposed.
Garnet provides new energy and restores and heals in a powerful way. It cleanses the chakra’s and brings them new energy. It purifies energy and brings serenity and passion.
Garnet can warn you for dangers ahead, and it used to be a protective talisman in other times.
It inspires to love and dedication and rebalances emotional disharmony.It can be very useful during periods of a crisis, because it helps you in situations where there does not seem to be a way out or when life is traumatized. It activates and stimulates the will to survive and brings courage and hope.
Garnet promotes a wider range of consciousness and with the help of Garnet you can recall past life memories.