Serpentine Skull
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Serpentine Skull

Here is a great Serpentine Skull, carved by the famous Brazilian carver Leandro. This magnificent skull has a calming and grounding energy and can act like a portal between you and the elemental realms. It has a wonderful moss green color combined with a darker green. A great skull for any Leandro fan and skull lover.


€ 425,00

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Additional Information

Size: 8 cm high x 7 cm wide x 10 cm deep
Weight: 800 grams

Serpentine is a grounding stone that helps with meditations and spiritual explorations. It cleanses the chakra's, stimulates the crown chakra, reveals occult abilities and helps understanding the spiritual basics of life. It also helps Kundalini energy to rise.
Psychologically Serpentine helps to get a better grip on your life. It will bring mental and emotional balance and sends healing energies to your problems. Physically Serpentine is great for detoxing the body, especially blood. It is said that it promotes a long life.