Polished Morganite
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Polished Morganite

This is another piece of polished Morganite. Very special, because of the darker pink color, and the small inclusions of Hematite. The bottom of this crystal is white, and that is because the bottom actually is Beryl. Morganite is the pink variant of Beryl.
This crystal definitely activates the heart chakra, and creates inner piece by giving you the space to experience your own energy again.
Beautiful piece of Morganite that you won't see everyday.


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Additional Information

Size: 3,5cm High x 3cm Wide x 3 cm Long
Weight: 52 grams

Morganite is also called Pink Beryl. Beryl is a stone to release stress and helps to focus on your goals. It helps you to throw away unnecessary extra weight you are carrying and stands for a pure existence to unlock your potentials. It also calms the mind because it has the ability to filter the amount of impressions which causes stress. Pink Beryl does the same as regular Beril but can also attract love. It encourages you to create loving thoughts and creates space to enjoy life. As every pink stone it works on the heart chakra, by activating and cleansing it. Making the heart receptive for unconditional love and healing.