Moldavite Skull
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Moldavite Skull

What an amazing Moldavite Skull, although it is called a skull, it looks more like an extraterrestrial being. It is carved out of high quality Moldavite, with precision. It has a sweet looking face in front but when looking from another angle it looks like a traveler from other dimensions.
This skull look really friendly, and that is what he is. Friendly, intelligent and also a bit goofy (without being disrespectful towards this amazing being). He would like to be treated with care and love and when he feels he is, his knowledge and lessons about life will be shared with you. According to his own words Agate is a type of stone that he like and would like to have around him a bit.


€ 375,00

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Additional Information

Size: 1,6 cm high x 1,4 cm wide x 1,9 cm long
Weight: 6 grams

Moldavite is a mixture between earthly and cosmic, or intergalactic energy. This is because it is a fusion between earth rocks and meteorite, created when a meteor hit the ground nearby Moldavia.
Placing it around other crystals it can increase the vibration of those other crystals. Making them stronger for use.
Moldavite has a lot of different abilities, like opening up your crown to receive cosmic information. It brings you in contact with the Ascended Masters and outer space beings.
It is our advise to use stones like smokey quartz or boji stones to ground your energy again after using moldavite. Because its energy is that strong, and not earthly so I it can leave you unworldly bringing disharmony.
It opens your chakras, cleanses them. Integrates your divine blueprint and fasten your spiritual growth. It can be used to meditate on past and future lives.
Starchildren whom are experiencing difficulties here on earth can use this stone to integrate their spiritual body into their physical body.