Smoky Phantom Quartz
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Smoky Phantom Quartz

You are looking at a stunning and unique crystal. A light colored Smoky Quartz from Madagascar, with both white and Smoky Phantoms which are very delicately thin lined and a Lodolite inclusion. First, it is Quartz, but also a singing crystal. I have accidently tipped it over on my wooden desk once, and it made a singing sound, like crystal glasses make when you tap them. So it is a well formed crystal.
The energy is a female like tender feeling of love. Letting you know you are welcome as the being you are, and loved for who you are.


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Additional Information

Size: 10 cm high x 2,5 cm wide x 2,5 cm deep
Weight: 107,5 gram

Madagascar is one of the original colonies of Lemuria, so the Madagascar Quartzes beholds knowledge of that age and therefore can be good company in past life healing especially those who haven’t learned to trust there intuition back then. It de-energizes those old patterns and brings back trust and believe for your own strength.
It also can be used to create a peaceful atmosphere in places because it transforms negative vibrations. Meditating with it will help opening up paranormal capabilities.
Pink Phantoms Promotes peace and self-loving. It makes it possible to accept life the way it is and to achieve accomplishment by letting changes happen in your life. It stimulates empathic communication between friends, lovers, your guides or your higher self.
Smoky Phantoms activate the past-life chakra’s and helps to reframe traumatic memories.
It is a useful stone to remove unwanted entities, and it can take you back to the origin of a soul related groups and connects you with the goals of the groups incarnation.
Smoky phantoms goes back in time, before the point where issues or patterns where created, in order to create a state of mind of oneness and being whole.