Manifestation Quartz
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Manifestation Quartz

I do not really know where to start describing this stunning crystal. First, it is Quartz, but also a singing crystal. I have accidently tipped it over on my wooden desk once, and it made a singing sound, like crystal glasses make when you tap them. So it is a well formed crystal.
Within this crystals are several crystals included. That is called Manifestation Quartz. There are 2 larger inclusions visible with the naked eye. There is one tinier crystal underneath one of the larger ones. And there are many tiny druzy crystals included, sitting on the backside of the yellow inclusion. But is hade to see on the pictures.
I am not sure what this lovely yellow, orangy inclusion is made of. I think it is Limonite, or Lodolite.
And then there are a few very fine lined white phantoms within this crystal as well. I have never seen such a crystal like this that often.
Now about the energy, it is a heartwarming crystal. When holding it, it opened my Heart Chakra, and a divine Christ like energy was strongly felt. I stunning crystal, with a very loving tender energy.


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Additional Information

Size: 11,7 cm high x 3,2 cm wide x 3,2 cm deep
Weight: 203 gram

Madagascar is one of the original colonies of Lemuria, so the Madagascar Quartzes beholds knowledge of that age and therefore can be good company in past life healing especially those who haven’t learned to trust there intuition back then. It de-energizes those old patterns and brings back trust and believe for your own strength.
It also can be used to create a peaceful atmosphere in places because it transforms negative vibrations. Meditating with it will help opening up paranormal capabilities.
Manifestation Quartz will help you realize, manifest and also ground your intentions, and wishes.