Madagascar Amethyst
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Madagascar Amethyst

This is a very lovely Madagascar Amethyst Elestial. It works on the heart Chakra, the throat and the third eye. Creates light around that area and gives warmth. It is slightly polished what makes it even nicer to look at. Very unique crystal that is for sure.

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Additional Information

Size: 6cm High x 4cm Wide x 3cm Long
Weight: 80 gram

Madagascar is one of the original colonies of Lemuria, so the Madagascar Quartzes beholds knowledge of that age and therefore can be good company in past life healing especially those who haven’t learned to trust there intuition back then. It de-energizes those old patterns and brings back trust and believe for your own strength.
It also can be used to create a peaceful atmosphere in places because it transforms negative vibrations. Meditating with it will help opening up paranormal capabilities.