Madagascar Quartz
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Madagascar Quartz

This a very nice piece of Madagascar Quartz. Most Madagascar crystals are my favorite. Like Amethyst or Elestials Quartzes, their energy is different from their Brazilian brothers and sisters.
This lovely piece has some pink, red and slightly yellow inclusions, which are probably made from Lodolite. It has some thin lined phantoms. The energy is strong, connects you with the Higher Self, or above.


€ 55,00

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Additional Information

Size: 7 cm high x 3,2 cm wide x 3,5 cm deep
Weight: 120 gram

Madagascar is one of the original colonies of Lemuria, so the Madagascar Quartzes beholds knowledge of that age and therefore can be good company in past life healing especially those who haven’t learned to trust there intuition back then. It de-energizes those old patterns and brings back trust and believe for your own strength.
It also can be used to create a peaceful atmosphere in places because it transforms negative vibrations. Meditating with it will help opening up paranormal capabilities.
Pink Phantoms Promotes peace and self-loving. It makes it possible to accept life the way it is and to achieve accomplishment by letting changes happen in your life. It stimulates empathic communication between friends, lovers, your guides or your higher self.