Libyan Tektite Skull
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Libyan Tektite Skull

Another great, rare unique Libyan Gold Tektite Skull, created for Skulls & Stones. This Desert Glass Skull carries a warm, but still unearthly energy. It seems to be able to share a lot galactic or cosmic as well as earthly knowledge. In its own words it is here to enlighten lives and to pass on knowledge.
A wonderful being created from a stone that carries the energies from the Sun, which definitely can be felt. It is truly a wonderful being, and personally I like the glassy structure with airy bubbles inside because it makes it look the stone, or skull in this case look like a universe on its own.
Rare skull you will probably not see somewhere else! The pictures do not show the true essence because of the lack of contrast in this material. Way better in person!


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Additional Information

Size: 2,2 cm high x 2 cm wide x 3,2 cm deep
Weight: 17,4 grams

Just like Moldavite or other forms of Tektite, Libyan Gold Tektite also known as Libyan Desert Glass, was formed when a meteorite hit the Western Desert and molted stones and sands formed with the meteorite.
It is beneficial for those who don’t feel connected with planet Earth, and don’t see it as their home planet and feel abandoned.
The old Egyptians saw this stone as that should help bring the Sun God to the Earth.
On a spiritual level this stone carries the powerful Sun-energy and prosperous life spirit. It brings protection when traveling past the limits of the known and the conscious.
It also would help traveling to the old Egyptian times and get into contact with the wisdoms from that period.
Libyan Gold Tektite also forms a useful connection between higher cosmic forces and our planet. It earths and transforms these energies into the body and opens spiritual vision. It helps to balance the changes on earth. It will help to create new lives and to manifest your will here on Earth.
It frees you from the past and will reconnect you with your spiritual roots. This is an intensive stone, so make sure you have the right equipment around you when working with it to cleans any heavy energies or get you grounded again with minerals like Citrine or Boji Stones.