Lapis Lazuli Skull
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Lapis Lazuli Skull

From all the Lapis Lazuli Skull I have seen, I haven’t seen many that has been made out a high quality stone like Lapis Lazuli Skull. Amazing. Deep blue colors with touches of gold here and there. Amazing really. Amazing is a Troath Chakra stone, so holding this skull will awaken that Chakra. His goal in life is to help with processing deep emotional issues.

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Additional Information

Size : 3,7 cm (high) x 2,8 cm (wide) x 8 cm long
Weight: 50,6 grams

Lapis Lazuli, a stone that looks like the night. Stimulates enlightment and promotes working with dreams and paranormal gifts and talents. It also stimulates personal power, and reduces stress by bringing peace. It is said Lapis Lazuli is the key to spiritual achievements / acquirements>
It also protects against psychic attacks by blocking them and sending back the energy to its sender.
It teaches the power of the spoken word.
This stone harmonizes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Imbalance between these levels can result in depressions and other inconveniences like a lack of purpose.
It encourages your to take back control of your own life. It reveals inner truth, stimulates consciousness, and allows you to express yourself.
It makes you creative and helps you to recognize the truth and to except the lessons from that.
Lapis also helps to speak your opinion and harmonizes conflicts.