Kambaba Jasper Skull
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Kambaba Jasper Skull

Very cool Kambaba Jasper Skull, that is carved in a friendly and unique style. Very dark green colors set against a black stone. Very relaxing energies, and the is because the wisdom that is stored within this 3 billion year old stone. Besides a nice addition to your altar, this will be a great companion to take with you during the day because of its calm, stable and grounded energies.

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Additional Information

Size: 2,6 cm high x 2,4 cm wide x 3,4 cm deep
Weight: 37 grams

Kambaba Jasper, also called Corcodille Jasper or Green Stromatolite, a black and green colored Jasper. The green colors are created by 3 billion year old fossils, the oldest known to date, stromalites, which are formed by blue green algae's or a cyan bacteria.
Because of its origin Kamababa Jasper contains an old, wise earth energies. It's energies goes straight towards to Base Chakra, and brings stability. It lets you harmonize with the cycles of nature and tunes your biorhythm to that of the planet.
It is beneficent for the lungs, not only for human ones but also for the planet. It takes you back to your roots and reconnects you with the energies of Mother Earth and your goals in the incarnation. Meditate with it to hear the wisdoms that nature has to offer, and to attract a mentor for your spiritual path. It resonates with the oldest brainstems and the oldest processes of the body, and it amplifies neurotransmitters.