Jasper Skull
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Jasper Skull

This is a cool and cheeky Snowflake Jasper Skull, carved in Brazil, and with a great sort of geode on top of its head. Which is giving it some extra character as well. Very nice skull, with nice energies, hitting the inner stomach for instance. This skull is here to teach the way of the inner soul of its new keeper.

€ 230,00

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Additional Information

Size : 6,8 cm high x 5,8 cm wide x 8,7 cm long
Weight: 500 grams

Jasper is known to bring the highest form of nourishment. It supports during stressful times and brings tranquility. It unites all aspects of your life. It reminds people that they need to be willing to help each other. It also aligns all Chakra’s.
It facilitates outer body traveling, and helps to remember dreams better. It brings protection and grounds the psychical and energetic bodies, absorbs negative energies, cleanses the Chakra’s and the aura. Jasper brings emotional tranquility by balancing Yin and Yang, and harmonizing the emotional and mental bodies.
It brings determination and the courage to solve issues in a assertive way, and it brings support unavoidable conflicts.
Jasper learns to think fast on a mental level, promotes organizing capabilities. It also stimulates the imagination and transfers ideas into actions.