Jasper Skulls

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  • Jasper Skull

    Jasper Skull

    This is a cool and cheeky Snowflake Jasper Skull, carved in Brazil, and with a great sort of geode on top of its head. Which is giving it some extra character as well. Very nice skull, with nice energies, hitting the inner stomach for instance. This skull is here to teach the way of the inner soul of its new keeper.

    € 230,00

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  • Kambaba Jasper Skull

    Kambaba Jasper Skull

    Very cool Kambaba Jasper Skull, that is carved in a friendly and unique style. Very dark green colors set against a black stone. Very relaxing energies, and the is because the wisdom that is stored within this 3 billion year old stone. Besides a nice addition to your altar, this will be a great companion to take with you during the day because of its calm, stable and grounded energies.

    € 25,00

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