Imperial Topaz
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Imperial Topaz

This is a greatpiece of Imperial Topaz, from Brazil. Nice deep golden color, that shines at you just like the Sun does. Fills up your heart with the golden rays and make you smile again. It also activates the second chakra, and helps you restore faith within yourself.

€ 33,00

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Additional Information

Size: 1,7 cm high x 1, cm wide x 0,7 cm thick
Weight: 3,6 grams

Imperial Topaz works like a battery, reloading your spiritual and physical body. It strengthens faith and optimism. It is a very useful stone to tune in on to the higher cosmic and universal powers and can be used to store information gathered along the way. It reminds you of your divine origin.
Imperial Topaz helps with recognizing your own talents and capabilities. It is a stone that is very beneficent for those who seek fame, because it brings charisma, faith and thrust. It lets you be proud off your talents, while staying humble and openhearted. With the help of Imperial Topaz you can overcome limitations and stints, and build great ideas into plans.