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You are looking at a very cool piece of Plumbogummite on Pyromorphite from China. A rare high vibrating crystal, which energies can be felt in the aura and physical body. The bottom of this piece is sawn, so it can stand right on your altar. An odd looking stone, with blue bubbly grape like formations, and the yellow accents of Pyromorphite. A little bit fragile due to its structure.

€ 35,00

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Additional Information

Weight: 16,9 grams
Size: 1,9cm high x 3,5 cm wide x 1,9 cm thick

Plumbogummite on Pyromorphite is a rare crystal from Gullin-Guangxi Zhuang, China.
It is a lead based stone, with a protective strength which branches off polluting energies very effecientantly. It protectes you and restores the energetic structure of the Aura and the meridians of the refined bodies. It removes blockages and helps with removing entities, negative toughts, imprints and implants from the physical or refined energetic bodies.
It helps with developing gut feeling (intuition) towards others or situations. It promotes a deeper recognition towards your physical self, and about the way your body looks and is formed.
Spiritually it helps preventing that negative tought patterns will develop into malevolent or mischievous tought forms, who can become part off and polute your reality.
It stimulates you to cleans and purify both life and body. It brings protection to people with a weak energetic field. It connects the Solar Chakra with the Throat Chakra. It helps to integrate energies into the body. It brings a healthy colonic system. It vibrationally cleanses the colon.
It helps with anger and negative tought patterns and to behave more loving towards others. Elixers should me made by the indirect method.