Landscape Quartz
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Landscape Quartz

This is truly a stunning piece of Smoky Landscape Quartz from Brazil. The quality of the Smoky Quartz itself is great, crystal clear as I would like to say. Beside the Lodolite inclusions there is a white phantom in the top of the crystal, and there are some small rainbows here and there. Amazing. However the back of the crystal looks “damaged” and that occurred during the polishing process. A small bit of the outside crystal probably chipped off, and revealing the included Lodolite on the physical surface, and I say “damaged” because to me it is just part of the crystal and doesn’t feel damaged at all. In fact this is one of my favorite pieces, and will look great on your altar and will work perfectly within a crystal grid.


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Additional Information

Size: 6.2 cm high x 3,2 cm wide x 2 cm deep
Weight: 72,4 ,gram

Lodolite inclusions enhance the abilities of the stone it is included in, they look land a landscape (hence the name Landscape Quartz) where you can look into and travel and wonder in, to find innerpeace and sense. They also work to communicate with Higher Beings or to find spiritual growth. It radiates harmony. Landscape Quartz can also be used to explore past lifes, and multidimensions in where your consciousness currently is. It also can be programmed to bring you what your Heart desires because it is a great manifestation tool.
Smoky Quartz is one of the most effective grounding stones, who also has the ability to raise your energetic vibration when meditating. It grounds spiritual energies, neutralizes negative vibrations and teaches how to let go of things that are no use in life anymore.
On the psychological level it brings emotional peace of mind, it reduces depression and fears. It is a good healer on ambivalent feelings about incarnation because it helps to accept the physical body. It cleans the base chakra. It promotes positive and pragmatic thinking and helps with your concentration. It also helps with reducing nightmares and to accomplish your dreams.