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  • Herkimer Diamond

    Herkimer Diamond

    Such a nice piece of Herkimer Diamond , having a little crystal attached to it, and some hematite inclusions. It is really sweet, but also very strong in energy. Aligning all the chakra’s, activate the light body and much more, you will have a very nice powerful friend to keep you company and bring wisdom.


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  • Pentagonite in Stilbite

    Pentagonite in Stilbite

    Amazing looking piece of Pentagonite in Stilbite, found in India. Because it is polished there are openings in the stone here and there, so you can look inside and see the magic. But therefore this stone is a bit more fragile as well. Holding it is just lovely, you can feel how the Crown Chakra’s open up and how the energy is coming in. Lovely piece for sure.

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  • Pyrite in Quartz

    Pyrite in Quartz

    You are looking at a truly astonishing combination of minerals. Pyrite in Quartz, and also Lepidocrocite and Limonite inclusions. But let’s just stay with Pyrite inclusions here. Amazing!
    There is countless number of Pyrites included in this crystal, literally over a hundred, shaped in cubes and octahedral forms.
    Some of them are so small, they look like tiny dots, and some of them are huge. It is a nature’s gift for sure. To see so many inclusions in one crystal.
    There are rainbows inside, parts of red Lepidocrocite running on one side, together with Limonite.
    The “back” of the crystal is more milkier. Crusty Limonite underneath the surface here and there.
    Now about the energy, great, it has all the abilities if each individual mineral. It calms when you are a bit hyperactive, it cleanses and grounds your physical energy. It activate the different base and earth chakra’s, it aligns the chakra’s and activates the Heart chakra. It does so many, it is amazing and lovely. This crystal can raise and hold vibrations in rooms and houses, and also radiates love. An amazing piece with many benefits.

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  • Ametrine


    Great Ametrine crystal from Bolivia with nice rainbows inside. I consider it a gift from Mother Earth to see these minerals together in one crystal. This crystal reduces stress swiftly, and activates the base chakra as well. Great crystal that will fit on any altar.


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  • Plumbogummite


    You are looking at a very cool piece of Plumbogummite on Pyromorphite from China. A rare high vibrating crystal, which energies can be felt in the aura and physical body. The bottom of this piece is sawn, so it can stand right on your altar. An odd looking stone, with blue bubbly grape like formations, and the yellow accents of Pyromorphite. A little bit fragile due to its structure.

    € 35,00

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  • Brandberg Enhydro

    Brandberg Enhydro

    This is an amazing Brandberg Enhydro Quartz abundance cluster. Several yellow colored Quartz crystals surround one large enhydro crystal, that has Amethyst phantoms and one large water inclusion in the middle. Very unique. Enhydro crystals have water included, and sometimes chambres trough which the water is able to move through. Abundance crystals can be recognized when smaller crystal surround one large crystal, which is the case here, and said to attract abaundance.
    Energetically this crystal is really wonderful. High vibrations and a real light bringer. It can be used to connect with the higher self or higher realms.
    A real on off a kind crystal, that can be a powerful addition to your altar, for abundance purposes or for your own spiritual development.


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  • Dumorterite in Quartz

    Dumorterite in Quartz

    A wonderful group of Quartz crystal with Dumorterite inclusions from Brazil. The largest crystals shows either a small damage because of mining, but could also be a natural dent due the way it has been formed. Nonetheless a magnificient piece of this rare mineral, and energetically it is a nice crystal that seems to connect you with the blue flames, or angelic realms. It calms the nerves quite fast as well. Great crystal to do past-life healing as well. So tiny that it was hard to capture it on camera.


    € 75,00

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  • Landscape Quartz

    Landscape Quartz

    This is truly a stunning piece of Smoky Landscape Quartz from Brazil. The quality of the Smoky Quartz itself is great, crystal clear as I would like to say. Beside the Lodolite inclusions there is a white phantom in the top of the crystal, and there are some small rainbows here and there. Amazing. However the back of the crystal looks “damaged” and that occurred during the polishing process. A small bit of the outside crystal probably chipped off, and revealing the included Lodolite on the physical surface, and I say “damaged” because to me it is just part of the crystal and doesn’t feel damaged at all. In fact this is one of my favorite pieces, and will look great on your altar and will work perfectly within a crystal grid.


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  • Fluorite on Sphalerite

    Fluorite on Sphalerite

    This is a great Fluorite on Sphalerite specimen from the Elmwood Mine in Tennessee USA. Two large violet to purple Fluorite cubes and two small ones nestled themselves on a red-brown Sphalerite matrix. The smaller cubes aren’t visible on the pictures that good. The Sphalerite matrix looks black, but when held against the light there will be some red transparent parts here and there.
    A wonderful piece, that will surely bring you what you need on your journey of transformation. It will ground spiritual energies, activate the Base Chakra, and have energies pull down from higher levels down past the spine and into the Base Chakra. Besides that it will look great and esthetic on your altar. Lovely and wonderful specimen created by our Mother Earth.


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  • Rhodochrosite


    You are looking at a wonderful Heart activating Rhodochrosite crystal from USA. Besides Rhodochrosite there are small Pyrites attached, and the most tiniest Quartz crystals grown on one of it sides, which are only visible with a magnifying glass, while on the other side you will see the Rhodochrosite crystals form into some flowery rosette like shape. Wonderful.
    Great crystal to do some Heart healing with. Get out the old emotions, and refill yourself with warming energies of Love. This crystal connects lower Chakra’s with the Heart Chakra and lets love flow through them. Wonderful!

    € 30,00

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  • Tugtupite


    You are looking at a wonderful and high quality piece of Tugtupite from Greenland. Besides the lovely and bright pink colored Tugtupite, some other minerals can been seen as well. Like Aegirine and Serandite.
    A wonderful crystal, that works directly on the Heart Chakra. When holding it I could immediately feel the crystal saying: be kind to yourself. And sending its energy into the Heart. A wonderful crystal that is a true bliss to look at and hold. The typical Tugtupite energy that opens the Heart and works with high vibrations of love is amazing.

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  • Bladed Rhodonite

    Bladed Rhodonite

    This delicate yet delightful bladed Rhodonite Crystal from Peru, is just wonderful. A elegant crystal, with a nice pink color and wonderful blades of Rhodonite that are spreading out randomly.
    A wonderful being, with a strong fast working energy. When holding her I felt my self-confidence being build up, and I felt rapid energies from my mind being integrated with the physical energy. I think this would be a great addition to any altar, and it could bring a great balance within the house as well. As well as opening the heart and work with you personally. Delicate, a little bit fragile, but wonderful elegant specimen.

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  • Tugtupite


    This is a very a nice piece of Tugtupite, one of the rarest stones today and very necesarry in our spiritual elevation as humankind. This lovely piece has a small Galena inclusion and a Pyrite inclusion as well. Which will give your feet a soft landing on the ground, so the Tugtupite parts can open up your Heart Chakra and send loving energies into your energetic body to tell you love is with you and you can always love yourself. A beautiful piece, and the actual Tugtupite within this stone has very nice pink color.

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  • Oregon Opal

    Oregon Opal

    This is wonderful rough chunk of Oregon Opal. A great piece that will help you during your process of transformation. It thouches the Heart for instance, to help you feel and see what memories and aches are still captures inside, and would like to come out to see the Light. It brings Light and comfort. A wonderful rock to meditatie with or to place on your altar or besides the bed. It is a rough rock with wonderful orange colors and white transparant parts that have a blue gloss. Altough it is very big, it is light in weight. Color on the pictures can be different then meeting the stone in person.


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  • Smoky Phantom Quartz

    Smoky Phantom Quartz

    Wow. That is the best word to describe the impact this huge piece of Smoky Phantom Quartz has when you look at it. The pictures don’t show the real life size that well. This is 2,3 kilo piece, filled with phantoms, rainbows and some Rutile on the surface as well. However what makes this an even more interesting crystal is the manifestation inside. A manifestation is another crystal that has grown into the other crystal. A manifestation Quartz can help you manifest those things you would like to realize. There are some really cool phantoms on the inside as well, as you can see on one of the pictures. This Smoky Quartz beholds many different codes and forms of knowledge to share. It could be that it only unlocks those codes when it arrives at the right place. Surely it can take part within group meditations, or personal mediations and mystic travels to other realms. It is a stunning piece for sure.

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  • Quartz with Chlorite

    Quartz with Chlorite

    You are looking at a lovely piece of Quartz with Chlorite inclusions, from Brazil. Most crystals I have seen had Chlorite Phantoms, however this is not really a phantom, it look more like an inclusion of Chlorite, with some Lodolite on it. It is a very nice piece, with a great size to hold during meditations. It has some rainbows inside, and some milky phantom like clouds. When holding this stone it feels like it aligns all the Chakra’s.

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