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  • Preseli Bluestone Skull

    Preseli Bluestone Skull

    What a great Preseli Bluestone Skull, quite large as well in comparison to the other ones that are in stock right now. It has a very nice carving style, and it is made from a high quality Preseli Bluestone. This being is quite humorous, easy going but also mystic and powerful. When I focused my attention on it, images of the Stonehenge’s in Britain where shown. Not very strange, since those pillars of the Stonehenge’s are made from the same stone type. This is a fun and intriguing fellow to have around.

    € 375,00

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  • Rare Sugilite Skull

    Rare Sugilite Skull

    Now you are looking at of the best Sugilite Skull you will encounter today. This wonderful Sugilite Skull has been carved from a high quality piece of Sugilite from South Africa.
    The different colors on this highly detailed skull are amazing. It shows dark, almost neon, purple lines over a lilac and subtle grey surface. However, at the first glimpse it looks purple with lilac all over. The colors are even better in person. Carved by one of the best carvers in the world, this skull is carved in lifelike detail, showing very detailed teeth, jaws and eyebrows.
    The energy is just as amazing as its physical appearance, very powerful. It almost feels like it neon purple energies are exploding inside the aura. This rare and delicate skull will light up your altar for sure. Rare skull!


    € 999,00

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  • XL Golden Healer Skull

    XL Golden Healer Skull

    Looking for a skull that will amaze you and everyone else? Stop your search right here. This is mesmerizing Golden Healer Skull, carved by hand in Brazil, from a high quality layered piece of Golden Healer Quartz. It weighs over 3 kilograms, and is deserves the label XL.
    A very big skull that isn’t planning to stop shining. Pure love, higher knowledge, patience, strength, peace of mind, perseverance, self-confidence are just a few words that this magnificent being brings to mind when taking a first glimpse.
    This being will be great to use during your journey of transformation as it will replace the old with the new. It will light and bright up your room, but can also be used in a (yoga) studio or in groups.
    Quite rare and especially in this large size.


    € 2.222,00

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  • Rare Gibeon Skull

    Rare Gibeon Skull

    What you are looking at is a striking and very rare Gibeon Meteorite Skull. Carved with lifelike details by a true master carver. The details in this skull are truly amazing, and the eyes have a hypnotizing look, which are caused by the Widmanstätten patterns on this skull.
    Widmanstätten patterns are geometric patterns, which are caused by the slow cooling process of the meteorite while traveling through space, and can reveal sacred geometric patterns.
    Needless to say that this skull has a strong cosmic connection. It is powerful yet subtle. It can energetically take you into space without losing touch with your body our the Earth.
    This rare Gibeon skull also show traces of other minerals, including carbon.
    An amazing skull, greatly carved with extreme precision. Amazing to look at, and also amazing to experience its energy.
    The main ingredient of Gibeon is Iron and Nickel. Therefore there is always a chance these great skulls can start to oxidize. Don’t treat with water, and try to keep away from moisture. Some parts have some traces of oxidation, which gives it a great antique effect.

    € 2.500,00

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  • Rose Quartz Skull

    Rose Quartz Skull

    This magnificent large Rose Quartz Skull is truly mesmerizing and really impressive. Carved in a unique style, from a huge piece of Rose Quartz, by a little known Brazilian carver called Vinicius Pitico. The brown colored Hematite inclusion gives this skull an extra dimension to its look.
    This wonderful skull also shares a wonderful energy, warm, loving, caring. This big boy is just pure love and wisdom that is easy going, and just happy to be around. This skull likes a spot where it can be seen and spread its loving energies all around.


    € 775,00

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