Smoky Herkimer Twin
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Smoky Herkimer Twin

You are looking at a Smoky Herkimmer Diamond Twin with Hematite inclusions. Very special indeed. The right part of the crystal or twin has vensters and Hematite inclusions, the left part of the twin has very light Smoky Phantoms, barely visible with the naked eye. On the bottom of the crystal there is another crystal growing, and from that crystal there a another little one coming out. Very unique. The energy is very beautiful. It feels like it glues together your male and female side being 2 in 1 together.


€ 150,00

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Additional Information

Size: 2,5 cm High x 3,8 cm Wide x 5,8 Long
Weight: 56 gram

Herkimer Diamonds are detoxifiers, they can relieve stress created by toxics and electromagnetic smog and protect you against radioactivity.
They are also very good in stimulating memories from past lives were wounds and diseases have been gathered that are still are effective in this life. That is one of the reasons that this is such a strong crystal.
They can stimulate powers like telepathy. They can open chakras and making spiritual energy flow. They can also be used to gather information about past lives and to recognize blockages and resistance to your own spiritual growth. Herkimer Diamonds are useful in transformation and to free yourself again from inner pains and negative thoughts that are not useful or relevant in the present and activate the light body. They can correct DNA, cell disorders and have the ability to align al the Chakra’s.