Holy Five Skull Set
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Holy Five Skull Set

This is a crystal skull set, made out of different materials in five different colors, put together in the shape of a pentagram.
Therefore the name of this grid is: The Holy Five - Five Colors Of Light Pentagram Skull Grid. From all the grids made, this is seriously the strongest I have created, or better said put together. This grid is very powerful, put together with the Highest intention for you, your surroundings, our planet and all the creatures living on it. They carry the intention to activate the Pentagram codes within your own energetic body so the energy of all 5 elements, but also the highest form of love, can run freely inside you and passed on by you. The 5 elements of the Pentagram are: Earth, Fire, Water, Air and the Higher Source (or the Cosmic elements).
Because it is a grid consisting of different members and beings, they will not be limited to only activating a Pentagram grid. So therefore it is quite difficult to describe to you what other benefits you can have from them.
There are 5 sets in total, and you will receive a set similar to the one in the picture, it could be a different one though. They will all contain the same type of skulls from the same materials and all carry the same intentions and goals.


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Additional Information

One skull weighs and measures approximately:
Size: 2,5 cm High x 2 cm Wide x 3 cm Long
Weight: 25 to 35 grams

The ingredients are 5 skulls, hand carved in Brazil, made out of different kind of stone.
Amethyst, High quality Rose quartz (Almost Lavender Quartz), Citrine, very clear Smoky Quartz and Dolomite, every Dolomite skull is white with different color accents, like turquoise or red.
There are 5 sets available in total and when you order 1 set, it will picked out for you on intuition and inner knowledge so you will receive the set that fits you the best.

How to use: Set them up exactly as shown in the pictures, also in the same order as the colors are presented. Once you have contacted with the skulls, they will tell you if you can put them in order formations. You can choose to sit down in the grid, or of you want lay down in it.
Try to be in a relaxed state of mind before you get in to have most beneficial experience.
If you have any questions about this, please sent us a message.