The Avalon Connection
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The Avalon Connection

This grid is called: The Avalon Connection. And the name sais it all. It connects you with energies of the Avalon Period.
It you want to read more, I would like to suggest to read this page to get a full glimpse of the whole ritual.
This grid has all the powers and abilities of 3 beings from the Avalon period:
King Arthur, Lady of The Lake and Queen Guinevere. They stand for things like: determination, perseverance and self confidence.
Kindness, mildness, purity and trust. Discovering mystical powers and mystical places within you in order to be able to manifest your own creations.
This grid is also able to connect you with the above mentioned beings, if you are energetically ready to do so.
Besides that, it is able to awaken your heart to receive vibrations of the Avalon period, which is a different type of Heart vibration we carry today.
IT is a beautiful grid, which has received many different intentions, manifests and programs to act the way it is doing right now.

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Additional Information

Each set weighs around 40 to 50 grams in total.
It consists out of 3 type of stones, that have been specially energized.
Nuummite, Preseli Bluestone and Cryolite.

Taking place within this grid do many things with you. It can connect you with these mystical beings. Or it can empower you with one of their powers, and exactly that you need in the moment. It will awaken your heart on different levels, in order to find courage within your heart or your own gentle kindness. Most of it will take place in other worlds, and will do a lot for your energy. The best way to integrate those energies and memories is to use Boji Stones or Smoky Quartz afterwards.
There are 10 grids available in total.