Star of David Grid
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Star of David Grid

You are looking at a special energized grid, which is carrying the vibrations of personal happiness and bliss.
This grid has been created with the help of Ascended Masters (one in particular), and is created with the intention of personal happiness, bliss and prosperity.No matter what you have experienced or what memories you are carrying with you, and whatever is happening in the present, this grid will send the right energy to you to feel free and happy. Because every being has the right to feel free and happy, no matter what.
The cyrstals that have been used for this grid are Quantum Quattro and Boli Stone. Both stone types are tuned in on the big shift we are making since 2012.
They are also working with the Hearth, whether it is cleansing or activating the Heart. Besides that they can do so much more.
Read more about this specific grid on this page if you are curious about the benefits it can bring you.

€ 125,00

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Additional Information

Every grid weighs around 40 to 50 grams and contains 6 pieces of Quantum Quattro and one piece of Boli Stone.
You can take place inside the grid immediately, or set up the grid and leave it for an hour or so, depending on what feels best for you.
Use the centre piece every time you take place, beacuse the stones will sent there energy towards the centre piece, and by holding it you will become the centre as well.