Archangel Grid
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Archangel Grid

This is a crystal healing grid consisting out 10 pieces of petalite, and a piece of dark green Kunzite. This set is created with the loving help of Archangel Uriel and a Lemurian sphere. The stones are activated at a sacred place and captured the Angelic frequency within every stone. So all stones placed together create an Angelic Portal.  It carries the intention of world peace, and taking place within the circle moves you to higher dimensions immediately. It can be used for personal meditations, group meditations, healings and open cosmic gates to spread more light around. Whether it is inside your home or out in the open.
You can read some more on this page about this beautiful set.

€ 78,50

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Additional Information

Every set consists of 10 pieces of Petalite and a piece of dark green Kunzite. When using it for the first time it is wise to set up the circle and place the green Kunzite in the middle (which is the anchor and will ground or anchor the energy and open up the gate) and leave for a couple of hours. The green Kunzite does not have to be used at all times, but it can help stabilizing the energy. If you would you to use a different stone in the middle, please make sure that it is able to work with other stones and it is not a solo working stone.