Custom Made Grid
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Custom Made Grid

Skulls & Stones is happy to provide many different Energized Grids. It is one of our specialties.
From now on, you have the opportunity to get a Custom Made Healing Grid, to fit your personal state of mind and state of energy.
Exciting isn’t it? These grids can all have different meanings and purposes. It could be that it will help you get rid of toxic waste from past lives, to unfold more of yourself within this life. It could be that it will help you to travel to higher realms where you can meet new entities and guides. It could also be that your new grid will help you stay grounded on this planet and activate your heart.
Every grid will be different, and one thing is for sure, it will serve you with the highest outcome possible.
Please read the rest of the description below, about the price and the channeling methods.

€ 75,00

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Additional Information

How does it work?
By first contact I will receive the information in forms of energy. So no extra other information is needed. Sometimes it could be helpful, and in that case extra information is requested by Skulls & Stones. After receiving approval to make a personal grid, I will start working.
This will be done in a meditational state of mind, or by channeling your energy.

Those crystals that will give you the most benefits, and have the highest outcome for you will be picked out, and placed together in a grid. After placing them together I will channel higher energies, meant for you personally and use my hands and different tools to manifest the right energies within the crystals. I will put intentions based on energies in them as well. It is not known before how many crystals and what kind of crystals will be in this grid.
Before finalizing the grid, the crystals will be shown to you by use of a picture and sent by email, provided with the price. After your approval the grid will be put together and made ready to use.