Light Integrator
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Light Integrator

This gird is called the Light Integrator Grid. It is a grid made for those who could use some help during these changing times, and high energy shifts we are experiencing here on Earth. This grid is designed to receive energies from the Fifth Dimension, or higher realms and keep your grounded at the same time, within the Third Dimension. This will make you able to receive higher light forms, and integrate them within the yourself, and be aware of them within the Third Dimension. It could also be seen as a sort of elevator to travel between the two different dimensions.
It consists out of 3 sorts of stones, 3 pieces of Danburite, 3 pieces of high quality tumbled Garnet, and 1 centre piece, which is Pink Kunzite. This centre piece will open the heart chakra, and makes the hearth chakra the centre of your being, the centre of knowledge and experience, in both dimensions.
It will assist you in acknowledging and experience that Love is the highest vibration in both dimensions, and that the Heart is the highest form of intelligence.

€ 57,50

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Additional Information

Size: N/A
Weight: Between 20 and 35 grams, depending on the set.

There are 3 sets available.
When ordering one of these grids, the one that is meant to be for you will be handpicked intuitively, so you can receive a set that is slightly different than the one shown on the pictures, however it will have the same material and energetic ingredients.

Use: Set up this grid, and it is ready for use right away. However it is recommended to get used to the energies at first. It is also recommended to clear your mind of thoughts before use. It can be used as many times as you like. It does not have to be cleansed at all.