Healing of Beauty
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Healing of Beauty

The full name of this grid is: Healing of your Beauty by Purity. I have enjoyed and loved making this grid. It is really special. It is called this way, because it is able to restore and replace your personal inner beauty.
It consists out of 5 pieces of high quality Blue Topaz from Brazil. And one piece of rough Galena. Which is a beautiful stone type, that has strong grounding abilities.
This grid is attuned into the White and the Blue Ray of Light. It connects you with Mother Mary, Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Ariel.
It restores your personal and original beauty. This beauty is your true self and true form of beauty within this incarnation.
All lost beauty that could be lost by difficulties in life, manipulation and suppression or what so ever, will be restored in a rightful manner within your body and your energetic self.
It shows you who you truly are. It earths your lightbody and opens up and nourishes all the chakra’s and also recharges them with new Light. It brings healing on a personal level every time it is used.
It moves attachments and entities from your energetic body, who are there without permission. It is able to remove grey shrouds on different dimensional levels.

€ 125,00

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Additional Information

Size: N/A
Weight: Between 45 and 55 per set, depending on what set you will receive

There are only 2 sets available. With each order, the set that fits you is chosen intuitively, so it could be a different one than shown on the pictures. However, both material and energetic ingredients are the same.

How to use: Set up this grid as shown on the pictures, like a pentagram with the Galena stone in the middle. Make it that big so you lie down in it. Leave it for at least five minutes. Before use, take a couple of breathes, release tensions, stress and thoughts. Be aware of yourself, and try to be grounded. It is strongly recommended that you are aware of that what could have damaged your own inner beauty. So it can be restored, transformed and healed within the frequencies of your own consciousness. Try to be aware of those things, and before using this grid, set your own personal intentions.