Healing Grids

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  • Custom Made Grid

    Custom Made Grid

    Skulls & Stones is happy to provide many different Energized Grids. It is one of our specialties.
    From now on, you have the opportunity to get a Custom Made Healing Grid, to fit your personal state of mind and state of energy.
    Exciting isn’t it? These grids can all have different meanings and purposes. It could be that it will help you get rid of toxic waste from past lives, to unfold more of yourself within this life. It could be that it will help you to travel to higher realms where you can meet new entities and guides. It could also be that your new grid will help you stay grounded on this planet and activate your heart.
    Every grid will be different, and one thing is for sure, it will serve you with the highest outcome possible.
    Please read the rest of the description below, about the price and the channeling methods.

    € 75,00

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  • The Avalon Connection

    The Avalon Connection

    This grid is called: The Avalon Connection. And the name sais it all. It connects you with energies of the Avalon Period.
    It you want to read more, I would like to suggest to read this page to get a full glimpse of the whole ritual.
    This grid has all the powers and abilities of 3 beings from the Avalon period:
    King Arthur, Lady of The Lake and Queen Guinevere. They stand for things like: determination, perseverance and self confidence.
    Kindness, mildness, purity and trust. Discovering mystical powers and mystical places within you in order to be able to manifest your own creations.
    This grid is also able to connect you with the above mentioned beings, if you are energetically ready to do so.
    Besides that, it is able to awaken your heart to receive vibrations of the Avalon period, which is a different type of Heart vibration we carry today.
    IT is a beautiful grid, which has received many different intentions, manifests and programs to act the way it is doing right now.

    € 77,00

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  • Star of David Grid

    Star of David Grid

    You are looking at a special energized grid, which is carrying the vibrations of personal happiness and bliss.
    This grid has been created with the help of Ascended Masters (one in particular), and is created with the intention of personal happiness, bliss and prosperity.No matter what you have experienced or what memories you are carrying with you, and whatever is happening in the present, this grid will send the right energy to you to feel free and happy. Because every being has the right to feel free and happy, no matter what.
    The cyrstals that have been used for this grid are Quantum Quattro and Boli Stone. Both stone types are tuned in on the big shift we are making since 2012.
    They are also working with the Hearth, whether it is cleansing or activating the Heart. Besides that they can do so much more.
    Read more about this specific grid on this page if you are curious about the benefits it can bring you.

    € 125,00

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  • Healing of Beauty

    Healing of Beauty

    The full name of this grid is: Healing of your Beauty by Purity. I have enjoyed and loved making this grid. It is really special. It is called this way, because it is able to restore and replace your personal inner beauty.
    It consists out of 5 pieces of high quality Blue Topaz from Brazil. And one piece of rough Galena. Which is a beautiful stone type, that has strong grounding abilities.
    This grid is attuned into the White and the Blue Ray of Light. It connects you with Mother Mary, Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Ariel.
    It restores your personal and original beauty. This beauty is your true self and true form of beauty within this incarnation.
    All lost beauty that could be lost by difficulties in life, manipulation and suppression or what so ever, will be restored in a rightful manner within your body and your energetic self.
    It shows you who you truly are. It earths your lightbody and opens up and nourishes all the chakra’s and also recharges them with new Light. It brings healing on a personal level every time it is used.
    It moves attachments and entities from your energetic body, who are there without permission. It is able to remove grey shrouds on different dimensional levels.

    € 125,00

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  • Light Integrator

    Light Integrator

    This gird is called the Light Integrator Grid. It is a grid made for those who could use some help during these changing times, and high energy shifts we are experiencing here on Earth. This grid is designed to receive energies from the Fifth Dimension, or higher realms and keep your grounded at the same time, within the Third Dimension. This will make you able to receive higher light forms, and integrate them within the yourself, and be aware of them within the Third Dimension. It could also be seen as a sort of elevator to travel between the two different dimensions.
    It consists out of 3 sorts of stones, 3 pieces of Danburite, 3 pieces of high quality tumbled Garnet, and 1 centre piece, which is Pink Kunzite. This centre piece will open the heart chakra, and makes the hearth chakra the centre of your being, the centre of knowledge and experience, in both dimensions.
    It will assist you in acknowledging and experience that Love is the highest vibration in both dimensions, and that the Heart is the highest form of intelligence.

    € 57,50

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  • Archangel Grid

    Archangel Grid

    This is a crystal healing grid consisting out 10 pieces of petalite, and a piece of dark green Kunzite. This set is created with the loving help of Archangel Uriel and a Lemurian sphere. The stones are activated at a sacred place and captured the Angelic frequency within every stone. So all stones placed together create an Angelic Portal.  It carries the intention of world peace, and taking place within the circle moves you to higher dimensions immediately. It can be used for personal meditations, group meditations, healings and open cosmic gates to spread more light around. Whether it is inside your home or out in the open.
    You can read some more on this page about this beautiful set.

    € 78,50

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