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  • Grossular on Albite

    Grossular on Albite

    This is a stunning Grossular Garnet specimen from the famous Jeffrey Mine in Canada. A mine which I now closed because the area is flooding. The marvelous and gem quality Grossular crystals are sitting on a snow white Albite layer, which found its way on a grey colored (I think Clinochlore) rock. The crystals are wonderfully shaped, gem quality, and even have rainbows inside them. Which can be seen trough a magnifying glass.
    Although it doesn’t look that way at once, this crystal is a thorough grounder. When holding it, it will ground your Heart vibrations, as well as the meridian energies to get your energy flowing again. It will bring relaxation because Grossular also reduces stress.

    € 110,00

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  • Grossular on Clinochlore

    Grossular on Clinochlore

    This is a stunning piece of moss green colored Clinochlore with Grossular Garnets sitting on it, which has a nice contrast and makes the orange colored Garnets just pop out of the green Clinochlore.
    Energetically it also makes a nice combination. Connecting with the Sacral Chakra, and slightly grounding your energetic body. It also feels like a cozy crystal, like it is throwing a blanket around you. Wonderful piece from the now closed Jeffrey Mine in Canada.

    € 55,00

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