XL Golden Healer Skull
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XL Golden Healer Skull

Looking for a skull that will amaze you and everyone else? Stop your search right here. This is mesmerizing Golden Healer Skull, carved by hand in Brazil, from a high quality layered piece of Golden Healer Quartz. It weighs over 3 kilograms, and is deserves the label XL.
A very big skull that isn't planning to stop shining. Pure love, higher knowledge, patience, strength, peace of mind, perseverance, self-confidence are just a few words that this magnificent being brings to mind when taking a first glimpse.
This being will be great to use during your journey of transformation as it will replace the old with the new. It will light and bright up your room, but can also be used in a (yoga) studio or in groups.
Quite rare and especially in this large size.


€ 2.222,00

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Additional Information

Size: 13,5 cm high x 11,5 cm wide x 15,5 cm deep
Weight: 3380 grams

Golden Healer carries the divine essence of ‘All That Is’, or ‘The Great All’ and high concentrates of the Universal life-force Qi. It has a very high vibration that takes the term master healing to another level. It raises your vibrations towards the ones off the crystal. It is a catalysis for deep spiritual activation and it opens the Alta Major Chakra.
This stone is very active, the iron oxide in this stone amplifies its strength exponentially and creates a multi-dimensional energetic grid around our planet.
The iron sits within the layers of this crystal, or as a thin coating on the outside.
It gives access to multi-dimensional, interstellar healing powers, it brings the Christ-consciousness towards Earth and makes healing on all levels more powerful.
A useful tool to prepare the light body to receive cosmic energies that expands the awareness.
Golden Healer Quartz cleanses the Chakra’s, aligns them and de-energizes them. It resolves old emotional conditions in the Solar Plexus Chakra. It attunes the personal will within the Solar Plexus on the divine will within the Chakra’s above the crown, so the Higher Self becomes the guide instead of the ego. Using Golden Healer Quartz during healing sessions will create a multi-dimensional healing for the physical, refined an light bodies.