Rare Gibeon Skull
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Rare Gibeon Skull

This highly detailed and lifelike Gibeon Skull is truly unique and amazing!
First let me introduce you to the story of this specific Gibeon Skull. Artist Lee Downey has created a life size Skull form Gibeon, called Yorick. Which is the only one known to date. Now this skull you are looking at was created from a cut-off piece from the carving process of the larger Gibeon Skull.

This Skull, which I have named Yorick Little, is truly unique and rare! The carving is phenomenal, very detailed and no flaws at all. The teeth are lifelike and the eyes are amazing.
The energy from this skull really is universal. Personally I feel that this skull (or piece of Gibeon) is still connected with outer space materials, stars, meteorites etc. And it looks like it is still gathering information, and attracting the out of earthly energies. Really wonderful to experience.
When holding it I experienced chakra’s aligning and a blanket of silver colored energy around my, or filling up my aura.
The patterns and stripes you can see on the head are called Widmanstatten lines, patterns. They are becoming visible on meteorites that are rich in iron, after cutting and polishing it.
I like these patterns, they are like secret and geometric codes.
Colors can differ in real life a little bit because of the light used when photographing this Skull. If any other information or pictures are required, feel free to ask by sending a message.


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Additional Information

Size: 1,6 cm high x 1,4 cm wide x 2 cm long
Weight: 17,3 grams

Gibeon Meteorite was first found in 1836 in Namibia, and it is named after the place Gibeon. Since ancient times spiritual and older civilizations used meteorites to make arrowhead and assegai-heads.
Gibeon meteorites are composed of iron, nickel and small amounts of cobalt and classified as a fine octahedrite iron meteorite. Some other minerals that may be found in the meteorite are chromite, deabreelite, enstatite, kamacite, taenite, troilite or tridymite.
It is said it would awake Kundalini. Like all other meteorites and other outer space stones like Tektite and Moldavite, sensitive people can have very heavy reactions on its energy. Causing headaches of feeling a bit dizzy and weary after using it.
Funnily enough it is said that it would have a strong connection with base and root chakra’s. It would help spiritual development, attract knowledge, and helps to listen to the inner self. Helps one in trusting their own intuitions. It would improve communication and channeling, and could reveal any stored information as well.