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  • Fluorite on Sphalerite

    Fluorite on Sphalerite

    This is a great Fluorite on Sphalerite specimen from the Elmwood Mine in Tennessee USA. Two large violet to purple Fluorite cubes and two small ones nestled themselves on a red-brown Sphalerite matrix. The smaller cubes aren’t visible on the pictures that good. The Sphalerite matrix looks black, but when held against the light there will be some red transparent parts here and there.
    A wonderful piece, that will surely bring you what you need on your journey of transformation. It will ground spiritual energies, activate the Base Chakra, and have energies pull down from higher levels down past the spine and into the Base Chakra. Besides that it will look great and esthetic on your altar. Lovely and wonderful specimen created by our Mother Earth.


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  • Purple Fluorite

    Purple Fluorite

    A great piece of Purple Fluorite from Mexico. Lovely shape and deep purple color. It can bring a lot of healing energies when staring into it. Personally these triangle shaped crystals always remind me of Egypt, and Egypt periods.


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  • Pink Fluorite

    Pink Fluorite

    You are looking at a lustrous and translucent piece of Pink Fluorite from Mexico.  It has some rainbows inside and a very lovely pink color. It seems the bottom of this crystal has been polished and the rest is left as it is.
    Energy wise it is a nice crystal as well, to me personally it feels that it can bring you back in loving touch with your own body, feeling the energy in your body flow again and make you life the vibrations of your own body.


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