Dumorterite in Quartz
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Dumorterite in Quartz

This is a lovely single Quartz crystal with Dumorterite inclusions from Brazil. Most of the inclusions are seen at the bottom and some on one of its sides. An intriguing crystal that just makes you speechless when holding it, I couldn’t stop gazing at it. It reduces tensions easily.  Wonderful crystal and rare.


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Additional Information

Size: 2 cm high x 0,8 cm wide x 0,6 cm deep
Weight: 1,9 grams

Dumorterite, a rare mineral when included in Quartz, makes one more receptive to be in contact with guides and Angels. Spiritually it shows you your infinite self and reconnects you with your native wisdom. Placed on the Soma Chakra or past-life Chakra, it will activate past-life memories. It takes you back to the beginning of the souls journey to research agreements from many eons. This crystal helps to negotiate when they could not be achieved anymore. It ends bonds that aren’t useful anymore.
It shows the cause of difficult situations and relations within this life, and helps to clean up these causes. It also helps to rebuild self-confidence and to adjust to reality. It brings patience and courage.
It helps to keep a young heart, calms down extreme agitations, promotes detachment, and opens positive self-love and joy of life. This crystal is very beneficent who have to the deal with crises and trauma’s on a daily base, it brings relaxation and tranquility.
Dumorterite promotes self-discipline and strengthens organizing skills. Emotionally it stabilizes a erratic relationship and attracts soul mates. It helps to recognize true value within every person, and shows you why you should appreciate problems and difficulties and lets you be thankful towards others who have played a part in your karmic learning process.