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  • Dioptase & Shattuckite

    Dioptase & Shattuckite

    Wonderful piece of Dioptase with the slightest Calcite attachments and striking blue Shattuckite, from the Tantara mine in Congo.
    A wonderful crystal that is working through the Hart Chakra down through the body. Opening the Heart and reducing stress. The Shattuckite parts are bringing and extra to it as well, shedding a light blue energy around the physical aura. The Dioptase crystals are small, and not very sharply formed or pointy but still very nice and beneficial. Both physically and energetic a wonderful crystal!

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  • Dioptase on Limonite

    Dioptase on Limonite

    Very nice Dioptase crystals within a crusty Limonite matrix. The frontside shows a large amount of larger Dioptase crystals clustered together, while the backside hosts tinier crystals. Some of them have are shiny and lustrous, while others are more mat. Energetically it releases tensions from the Heart Chakra, activates the Heart as well, and helps to relax and enjoy the energies of this crystal. Some traces of white Calcite as well in this piece.


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